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Be Safe. Be effective. Top 10 Workout Tips

The TOP 10 Workout Tips for everybody, everyday.

1.Know your body. Do you have an injury, weakness or imbalance? Address each issue with care every time you work out. Address problems. Don’t avoid. them.

2.Know when to say when. No pain, no gain is not a great mantra. If you have pain, stop. Check your form. Adjust. If you still have pain, STOP!

3.Make your time count. Maximize your time by working antagonist(opposite) muscle groups during your usual rest periods. You can also do exercises that target more than one muscle group.

4.Add a cardiovascular component. To keep your heart rate up, do exercises between sets like skipping rope, jumping jacks or stairs.

5.Mix it up. Your body knows routine. It will not adapt. Constantly change things up to continue to see changes in your physique.

6.Work big to small. Use large muscle groups first like quadriceps and chest, before working on the smaller supporting muscles. If you fatigue your shoulders before you hit your max bench press, you are likely to injure your shoulder and be out for weeks.

7.Use a mirror. It isn’t narcassitic to check your form in the mirror. Mirrors give you feedback allowing you to see your movement and check that you are using correct form.

8.Knees and toes. The most common source of pain that I see is knee pain during exercise due to a simple misalignment of the knees. Make sure your knees are always in the same direction as your toes and that your knees do not drift over your toes.

9.Be kind to your shoulders. The most common injury I see due to workouts gone awry is shoulder injuries. never let your elbows drift below your shoulders on a press. Learn exercises to support your rotator cuff. And, maybe, go a little lighter than you think you need to ensure you are using the best form.

10. Ask for help. If you are not sure what you should be doing, if you are not certain that your are doing exercises correctly or if you have an injury, consult a qualified professional.

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