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Simple Truths from Carolyn Myss

As a way to refocus my energies for 2011, I have been re-reading Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing by Carolyn Myss, PhD. Carolyn's down-to-earth, insightful prose takes the reader through a journey of self-examination, reviewing the steps to balance, health, healing and, ultimately, happiness. A central theme within the book is our relationship to power. Negative thought patterns based in jealousy, fear and anger relinquish our personal power. Here are some golden nuggets from her book on simplifying your spirituality:

- All circumstances can be changed in a moment, and all illness can be healed. The Divine is not limited by human time, space or physical concerns.

- Be consistent: live what you believe.

- Change is constant. Every life goes through phases of difficult change as well as peace. Learn to go with the flow of change rather than try to stop change from occurring.

- Never look to another person to make you happy--happiness is an internal, personal attitude and responsibility.

- Life is essentially a learning experience. Every situation, challenge, and relationship contains some message worth learning or teaching to others.

- Live in the present moment, and practice forgiveness of others.

Reclaiming your personal power is a direct result of mindful living and essential for creating health and well-being. I highly recommend picking up her book and going on a journey of your own this year.

Wishing you the best of love, life and happiness this year and always, t

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