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My Story

of life lessons and love

With over 20 years of experience in sports medicine, Tamara J. Frayssinet (Walker), MS, ATC has developed an intricate knowledge of the body’s ability to heal and adapt. She has worked in numerous health care settings. As the Head Athletic Trainer at the California Institute of Technology, Tamara was responsible for the well-being of 18 Men’s and Women’s NCAA Division III teams. In the Spring of 2005, Tamara completed a Master's Degree in Kinesiology. Her thesis on Motor Learning was presented at the Southwest ACSM Annual Conference in November of 2005 and at the NATA’s National Conference in June of 2006.


While an undergraduate student, Tamara’s mother was diagnosed with Stage 3c Breast cancer. She notes, "I first became interested in holistic medicine when my mom began looking for alternatives to a stem cell transplant." Her mother, Janice, pursued an aggressive detoxification program which led to a 10 year remission. Tamara, through her mother’s experience, realized that “there are many viable avenues of treatment and self-empowerment is a crucial factor in recovery."


Over the years Tamara has formed her own philosophy on treatment. She states, "I believe that health care practitioners must attend to the needs of the entire individual. Addressing both the physical and emotional components of an illness and/or an injury are of paramount importance. The patient should be enabled to help themselves. Ultimately, we are responsible for our own health.”


Since graduating, Tamara has built up a private practice, taught at the California Health and Longevity Insititue at the Four Seasons, facilitated hikes and other programs with the Conejo Recreation and Parks Department and launched a successful Employee Wellness Program at the Motion Picture and Television Fund (MPTF). Tamara is currently developing educational yoga and exercise videos via YouTube in addition to live streaming yoga classes via Zoom and working privately with clients. She continues to follow her passions: travel, health, sports, yoga and sport's medicine. You can reach her at

It is the mission of The Body Defined to address the needs of the entire individual, nurture

mind-body awareness and facilitate health through self-empowerment.

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