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Origins of The Body Defined's Philosophy

I thought you might be interested in learning how I got to where I am. Here is a little excerpt from a post I wrote on the history of The Body Defined:

After working in sport's medicine, physical therapy and doctor's offices for years, I became disillusioned with the state of the medical field. I saw people treated for symptoms, not for underlying conditions; I saw people who didn't get the access to care that they needed. It frustrated me because I really wanted to help people. At the same time, I watched my mother's battle with breast cancer. Her fight reaffirmed my belief that we, as the patient, are the strongest healers and we create our health. By establishing The Body Defined in 2006, I hoped to offer people a more comprehensive approach to their health - mental, physical and spiritual - and allow them to take over the driver's seat on their road to health.

I hold true to this ideal today.

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